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About Us


VetOndes has been founded to enable people to protect themselves and their families from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.  The company has both experience and knowledge in helping identify ways to reduce our exposure to such EMF radiation.

All of the EMF protective clothing and EMF shielding items on this site provide a very high level of protection, up to 99.999% effectiveness.


252 Route de la Combe de Peron, 01630 Peron

Tel:  0033.972.44.19.23


TVA:  FR 31 8887 19309


Chateau Banquet, 94 Rue de Lausanne, 1202 Geneva

Tel:  0041.22.900.1890


TVA:  CHE-269.784.849 TVA

Excellent quality

The most important factor for us is that we offer the best possible quality of protective clothing and shielding against the effects of EMF radiation.  In order to do this, we have tested various other ranges of products and are now convinced that the products that we offer are of the highest quality, and within a reasonable price.

In addition to deciding on the brand of products, we also had to decide on whether we would offer also less expensive, but lower quality items.  This was an easy question for us to answer - no, we only offer the best that we can, knowing that the purpose is to help people protect themselves and their families.  We cannot and will not offer products of a lesser quality.  

In order to ensure that all of the products are of this high quality level, we have chosen to only stock Leblok EMF protective clothing, and certain of their EMF shielding items, such as Turtal paint and Leblok wallpaper.  This way we know the products, the supplier, the testing, and the integrity of the people that we buy from.  For certain of the EMF shielding accessories, we do buy from other sources.

It is important to note that for testing to be reliable, it must be carried out in an independent laboratory, with certified results.  This is the case with all of the Leblok products - all tested in a recognised laboratory in Germany.

Another point we would like to highlight is the need to closely read the results of any EMF protection radiation testing.  When a company states that their products protect up to 99.99% from EMF radiation, without any testing results, without showing at what levels, e.g. 30dB, then we would advise people to ask for further information before buying.  

Our experience

Nine years ago the owner of this company became electrosensitive, and in order to save her own health and protect her family, she began researching about all the possible causes of this condition.  In addition, it was essential that she found out not just the risks involved - on a physical as well as mental and emotional level - from exposure to electromagnetic radiation but more importantly, about what actions she could take to regain as normal a quality of life as possible.

For information on the many sources of electromagnetic radiation, and the measures we can take to reduce our risks, please see our 'What is EMF' section.  

Over the years she has gained a deep understanding of the topic, and can therefore provide advice on concrete measures that can be taken to reduce exposure.

In addition, given her own personal experience, she is easily able to relate to what other people, who have already become electrosensitive, are going through.  For many people, just being able to be listened to, understood, and helped in simple ways, can make a huge difference.  Nine years ago, very few people were even aware of the possible risks of Wi-Fi, EMF radiation, and she experienced a feeling of being isolated, treated as 'strange', 'weird', 'psychologically unstable', etc.  Her employer insisted that she be seen by the company psychologist and then a psychiatrist ... .  The results?  Normal.  For her family and friends, this was also a very difficult time, as there were no highly visible symptoms - no broken leg, no bleeding, etc - and at that time no known solution to the problem.

Thankfully, nowadays there is a greater appreciation of the risks linked to exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and also the measures that can be taken to reduce our risk.

Raising awareness

We consider it important that as many people as possible are given the information about the risks, and it is, of course, then for each one to decide what is right for them and their family.  

In order to help increase awareness, we organise workshops on the topic, with sessions in either English or French.  No prior knowledge is needed.  For details of our future workshops, please see

We support EMF-related associations, such as:

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