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ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) are invisible but they are all around us from various types of radiation. These are produced from natural and man-made sources.

Figure 1 shows the various categories of electromagnetic radiation.

It is well-known that ionizing radiation is harmful to humans. Examples of such radiation are X-rays and high energy gamma rays.  It is now also known that certain types of non-ionizing radiation are dangerous for our health as well.

EMF Spectrum

Figure 1:  EMF Spectrum

In fact, the risk of developing diseases from exposure to different forms of non-ionizing radiation has been investigated for many years, and we now have thousands of scientific studies which show the effects of such radiation on the human body.  Some of the sources emitting such EMF radiation in our daily life, are listed below.


Examples of sources:

Mobile phones

Cordless phones


Phone masts for  4G and soon 5G

Electric grids

Dirty electricity

In addition to these, the exposure to magnetic fields around the electric power lines is found to be harmful to humans. The normal flow of the 50 Hz electrical power travelling through the wires in the homes and other buildings has various interruptions which result in voltage spikes and frequency variations. These create unusable electromagnetic energy called ‘Dirty electricity’ and the electromagnetic fields created by these HFVT (High Frequency Voltage Transients) are also harmful to humans.

There are many other sources of such harmful non-ionizing radiation in our everyday life.


In the past, the majority of the scientific studies on radio frequencies have focused on the risk of developing cancer – brain tumours.  However, it has now become apparent that there are significantly more conditions caused by this radiation.  Some of these are listed below.

Neurological:  difficulty in concentrating, memory lapses, insomnia, Attention Deficit disorders, headaches, …

Cardiological:  palpitations, arrhythmias, feeling of pressure on chest, high/low blood pressure, high/low heart rate, …

Dermatological:  burning feeling, redness on face, skin problems, itching, …

Opthalmological:  feeling of pressure, burning/pain behind the eyes, poor eyesight, dry eyes

Respiratory:  sinusitis, asthma, …

Reproductive:  lower rates of fertility, miscarriages, …

Other:  tiredness, digestive problems, metal taste in the mouth, loss of hair, toothache, changes in desire for sugar, joint pain, ….  including electrohypersensitivity

Scientific evidence

These conclusions have come from many scientific studies which have been carried out to evaluate the potential risks of electromagnetic fields.  There are now thousands of such studies.  Here are a few examples:

See also the full report of 2012 and 2014, and their site:

California EMF Project, 2002, shown below in Figure 2:

California EMF Project

Figure 2:  California EMF Project 2012

Miscarriages: - Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, found that a woman’s miscarriage risk rose from 10 percent to 24 percent as she was exposed to higher levels of magnetic field non-ionizing radiation.  2.72 times the risk of miscarriage,

Child Brain tumours:  50% increase in child brain tumours between 1999 and 2009, report by Children with Cancer and published by National Office for Statistics, in 2012,

Blood, heart and Autonomic Nervous System:  'An increasingly common response includes clumping (rouleau formation) of the red blood cells, heart palpitations, pain or pressure in the chest accompanied by anxiety, and an upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system coincident with a downregulation of the parasympathetic nervous system typical of the "fight-or-flight" response. Provocation studies presented in this article demonstrate that the response to electrosmog is physiologic and not psychosomatic.',

Brain tumours:  The risk of brain tumour (high-grade malignant glioma) from cordless phone use is 220% higher (both sides of the head).  The risk from use of a cordless phone is 470% higher when used mostly on only one side of the head.  Bio-initiative report

Leukemia:  The previous ICNIRP limit was 1000 mG (904 mG in the US) for ELF. Increased risk for childhood leukemia starts at levels almost one thousand times below the safety standard. Leukemia risks for young boys are reported in one study to double at only 1.4 mG and above   - Bio-initiative report

Cancer:  ICNIRP study looked what risks for cancer a child would have later in life, if that child was raised in a home within 300 meters of a high-voltage electric power line. (11)  For children who were raised for their first five years of life within 300 meters, they have a life-time risk that is 500% higher for developing some kinds of cancers.   Bio-initiative report

Breast cancer:   Direct cellular phone contact may be associatedwith the development of breast carcinoma.

Fertility :  Figure 3

Fertility Study

 Figure 3:  Fertility Study

After 5 hours, levels of DNA–fragmentation in sperm samples with (B) and without (A) electromagnetic exposure.


Before and after using a mobile phone for 15 mins.




When we become aware of the risks, the one question we need to ask ourselves is:

'How do I reduce my risks?’



This is, of course, the best option.  However, it is often not the most practical or feasible option.


We can shield our bodies with EMF protective clothing made from metal fibres combined with normal fibres, e.g. cotton, polyester, etc.  When the non-ionizing radiation reaches you, these items of clothing shield your body, like a Faraday Cage.

The same idea also applies when shielding our homes.  For example, special EMF paint may contain graphene, EMF protective sleeping material may have copper or silver, etc.


In our homes, it is essential that there is an appropriate level of grounding.  This will avoid the build-up of charge in the home.  This may however not eliminate the problem of dirty electricity.


There are now many devices on the market which claim that they can harmonize the effects of such radiation.  However, does feeling better necessarily mean that are bodies are not affected?


The owner of this company became electrosensitive nine years ago, within 10 days of the installation of a more powerful Wi-Fi base next to my office.  She has since studied and researched many of the ways in which we can protect ourselves.

Her natural tendency is to believe in natural remedies and solutions.  She has tried various different therapies – bio-resonance, yoga, massage, hypnosis, detoxing, EFT, etc. and bought many of the devices available. 

She has also had geobiologists checking out our home.

A few have helped in some way. 

However, she has now come to the conclusion that EMF shielding is necessary to provide a complete and reliable protection.

This personal evaluation has been confirmed by many people who themselves have found the benefits of EMF protective clothing and EMF shielding. 


  1.   Have you ever wondered what the effects could be of this EMF radiation that people are now talking about?

Well, I for one, can tell you just how much ‘fun’ it can be … .


I have decided to write this blog to share with people who are already having symptoms, and with people who would like to know – because believe me, prevention is definitely better than ‘cure’ – oh, but of course, for the moment, there is no cure. 

Over the coming weeks, I will write about the various different stages I went through in finally coming to terms and accepting what had happened to me – after major internal struggles. 

Here’s my story – and no added bits, just to make it read better, I promise.

I had been working in the same international organisation for many years and like in any modern-day working environment, I had had my fair share of moments of stress, tiredness.  However in February 2011, something very different happened.

I had been working in the same office for over a year – and business as usual, whatever usual can mean.  I began to feel very hot, especially around my face, my head, and my heart was beating faster than usual.  Yes, it is true to say that in our family, we all have quite fast heart-beats – and that’s another story – but this time it started going off even my scale.  I couldn’t sleep at night, I was getting more and more nervous.  All possible signs of stress, I would say.  Except I had a few other more unusual symptoms – how to be unique … .


-          Metallic taste in my mouth

-          Tingling at the tip of my tongue

-          Sudden moments of feeling starved, and desperate for cream buns (‘just an excuse’ I hear you say … )

And these were just for Starters … .

Then came:

The lack of concentration.  I was having more and more difficulty understanding what I was reading, to the extent that even more than 3 lines of text was becoming a challenge

Memory lapses –

-          I had to contact the bank 3-4 times to have a new PIN sent

-          Short term lapses – reaching for the phone and then stopping as I was not sure who I was calling – I was 53 at the time

-          Many ‘magical’ moments when I was sure that my husband, colleague, friend had never told me something

At first I had assumed that these were due to stress.  I was not aware of any particular reason for this stress but – that’s what everyone always says when we don’t know anything else … .

And, of course, I am a woman, so ‘obviously’ it must have been hormonal